Software Documentation using HyperKWIC

HyperKWIC generates software documentation that combines the instant connectivity of hypertext with the analytical strengths of KeyWord IContext.  It produces HTML documents that provide a fully interactive alternative to traditional documentation.

HyperKWIC is a part of the plusFORT toolkit.  It is also available as a separate download (free for not-for-profit, non-government use – including evaluation).

HyperKWIC Software Documentation Screen Shot

You can interact with sample HyperKWIC reports for large Fortran and C programs by clicking here
 and here

Project Managers

  • Meet requirements for accurate and complete software documentation with the aid of HyperKWIC reports which are generated automatically and quickly.
  • Update as often as required, and publish to your team and to other stakeholders.  HyperKWIC reports may be stored  locally or published on an internal or external website.
  • Impact Analysis: Even small changes to an established code base can have consequences that propagate through the entire program.  With HyperKWIC you can quickly assess possible changes and produce a plan to minimize coding effort.


  • Keep HyperKWIC software documentation open in your web browser for an instant answer to those constant questions:-
    • where is that defined?
    • which routine set that value?
    • what else uses that?
    • is that redundant?
  • HyperKWIC is aware of programming language syntax, including comments and reserved words.  Syntax rules for several common languages are defined in an external file, which may be customized as required.
  • R-click to open a separate tab for reports you will need again later.