Download Current Version

You can download the current version of plusFORT from the links below.  Please note that the software downloaded via these links will not function unless you have a plusFORT.fig file that shows that you have a current licence and maintenance contract for the relevant operating system. Please contact your dealer to purchase a licence or update your maintenance.

plusFORT 7.60 for Windows (64 bit)

plusFORT 7.60 for Linux (64 bit)

Some versions of Firefox mangle the downloaded versions of  this file.  Opera and Chromium appear OK.  The safest option is to download from the command line using “wget”.

plusFORT 7.60 for Mac (64 bit)

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Installation Instructions are below:-

Windows Installation Instructions

Linux Installation instructions

Mac Installation instructions

Hash Codes

Name: plusFORTsetup760.exe
Size: 12416313 bytes (11 MiB)
SHA256: CB7215D0704030327D7502BF68FDA3600508FCF5CF569D4C8F1C75FE6B7447F4

Name: plusfort_x64Linux_760.tgz
Size: 20893217 bytes (19 MiB)
SHA256: 5F0B81A14C9154E168A9A9B1C0FEA2CE62E9CC210E07486A854ADBD8A1D4EC41

Name: plusfort_MacOS_760.tgz
Size: 8911951 bytes (8703 KiB)
SHA256: 41E2142222EE7F4F1A49F10793166288A4750F691E27686A907724DD6268660F