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Instructions for downloading and installing plusFORT can be accessed from the links below.  Please note that the software downloaded via these links will not function unless you have a plusFORT.fig file that shows that you have a current licence and maintenance contract for the relevant operating system. Please contact your dealer to purchase a licence or update your maintenance.

Free licences for open-source academic use, and for commercial evaluation are available here.

plusFORT 8.04DA for Windows (64 bit)

plusFORT 8.04RA for Linux (64 bit)

plusFORT 8.04MA for Mac (64 bit)

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Hash Codes

File: plusFORTsetup804.exe
CRC-32: 66cad79c
SHA-1: ce41dd7b657e82690f394cf412b4e67b7b1a711b
SHA-256: b4cbadbe262ec68c3c029cc042d5f7b2ab02aec0afa89c9f6075573e679f0fb7

File: plusfort_x64Linux_804.tgz
CRC-32: 44858560
SHA-1: ef83cae7ce5c49196c1f076589d8814616ccee6f
SHA-256: 7d949075408c89b678daec006064ee0416afda59011e919459dabf6377dd5cae

File: plusfort_MacOS_804.tgz
CRC-32: ef700459
SHA-1: 3a2b0fe2b32dfbb4a2f27e2691eea41be12aadc0
SHA-256: 6d66b8dc192a9f5c3c8083f0b55b3f54061852fe5e830c458005bc660150308f