The Fortran.UK website is brought to you by Polyhedron Solutions Ltd., a software house specializing in applications within the science and engineering fields. Polyhedron consultants have many years experience dealing with scientific software, from million line “dusty deck” Fortran 66 and 77 stalwarts, to bleeding edge HPC codes optimized for the latest generation of GPUs. Polyhedron’s plusFORT toolkit takes the hard work out the process of modernizing your code base to reveal and enhance its value.  plusFORT also includes tools, including HyperKWIC and GXCHK, which provide stakeholders with instant and interactive access to program documentation.  HyperKWIC works equally well with other languages such as C, C++, Delphi etc., and is available as a separate product.

Fortran.UK is also the home of Polyhedron’s Compiler Comparison Charts, which for decades have informed users of the relative strengths of competing Fortran compilers, as well as stimulating healthy competition between vendors.

Polyhedron’s patented MPNF is an iterative solver for sparse linear equations arising from space and time discretization of fluid flow problems.  It is designed to exploit the massively parallel processing capabilities of GPU-style processors, as supplied by companies such as NVIDIA.