On-Line Fortran F77 - F90 Converter

This free service, offered by Polyhedron Solutions, allows you to submit your Fortran 77 source code (up to 500 lines), and to view the result of processing it using SPAG - part of Polyhedron's plusFORT toolset. A very small subset of the customization options available in the full plusFORT package is available using the drop-down boxes.

First, confirm that you are not a robot by selecting the true statement from the drop-down list. Then cut and paste your code into the F77 code window, or, if you don't have something ready, click "Load Our Example Code". Then, choose your conversion options and click "Submit". The converted code will appear in the F90 code window. If the form is slow to update, try a different browser. A log of the conversion process can be viewed by clicking the 'show output log' button.

For more information about plusFORT, please visit our website, www.fortran.uk or contact us on sales@fortran.uk.

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